Via! A gambe levate…

Caprioli (Capreolus capreolus) - Val-de-Ruz, Neuchâtel, 12.01.2014

Caprioli (Capreolus capreolus) – Val-de-Ruz, Neuchâtel, 12.01.2014

Dopo un laborioso avvicinamento sottovento, sono arrivato ad una trentina di metri dai caprioli. Rimanere invisibile allo scoperto in un pascolo non è evidente… infatti pochi minuti dopo una delle bestie mi ha visto. Allarmata, se l’è data a gambe seguita dai suoi compari. Schizzi di fango e zolle di terra…

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  1. I love Lacey!! these are fabulous, the lhtgiing is spot on and i know you had fun with her shes a very talented individual. have you seen her recent baby photos on facebook? I use live in Covington and they have a lot of hidden spots tht are great for photos, I have access to a beautiful lil beachy river location i use to live on if your interested for any shoots. These are inspiring and thinking about starting to do photography, took a class at slu and eager to learn more in photoshop and about the camera!!

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